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Karate - Friday 20th Train with Master Moodie at Boroughbridge Methodist Church 5.30

Boroughbridge Methodist Church
YO51 9AH

Fri 17:30 - 18:30

From the start students in our out of school classes will use a Bong (Korean) or Bo (Japanese) staff.

4 directional Bong form helps the development of movement with the Staff and all 9 moves in all 4 directions should be mastered by Red belt.

At Red Stripe we learn Bong Hyung il bu and if you are over 10 years old Bong Hyung E bu.

Cho Dan bo’s will learn Bong Hyung Sam bu

1st Dans will learn Kung Kang.

2nd Dans will learn In-ne

3rd Dans will learn Archers Bong Form