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Train Wednesday 11 September - Harrogate Squash and Fitness Centre 5.30pm

Harrogate Squash & Fitness Centre

Weds 17:30 - 18:30

Born in Yamakawa Village, Shuri, Okinawa, in 1796, Master Sōkon Matsumura was was one of the original karate masters of Okinawa. Master Matsumura was given the title "Bushi" meaning "warrior" by the Okinawan King in recognition of his abilities and accomplishments in the martial arts.

If you study Karate you will find that all routes point back towards Master Matsumura. He was regarded as a fearless fighter and blindingly fast and deceptively strong.

Matsumura wasn’t just a fighter consider his writings to his students below and how relevant this is today.

It is in the study of jukyo, or Confucianism, that we can find the Way. In finding the Way we can:

  • gain a deeper understanding of things,

  • build strength from weakness,

  • make our feelings more sincere,

  • become virtuous,

  • administer our own affairs more effectively or better control our emotions,

  • in doing so make our home a more peaceful place - a precept which can also apply to our country or the entire world.