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Karate - Tuesday 24th Septmber Tadcaster, St Mary's Church Hall 6 pm Kids Only and mixed class Harewood 7.15 pm

Harewood Village Hall
LS17 9LJ

Tues 19:15 - 20:15

Tadcaster St Mary’s Church Hall
LS24 9AH

Tues 18:00 - 18:45 Kids only

Please bear in mind the congestion caused by the UCI and wait for the instructor to arrive before leaving your children, if you are in any doubt about whether you will be delayed returning to class to collect please stay local.

Suspended Classes due to the UCI

Monday 23rd Pannal School (cancelled by the school - reflected in termly cost)
Tuesday 24th Highfield School (Cancelled by the school)

Thursday 26th Pannal Kids
Thursday 26th Burton Leonard School
Friday 27th Boroughbridge, Methodist Church

Karate - Friday 20th Train with Master Moodie at Boroughbridge Methodist Church 5.30

Boroughbridge Methodist Church
YO51 9AH

Fri 17:30 - 18:30

From the start students in our out of school classes will use a Bong (Korean) or Bo (Japanese) staff.

4 directional Bong form helps the development of movement with the Staff and all 9 moves in all 4 directions should be mastered by Red belt.

At Red Stripe we learn Bong Hyung il bu and if you are over 10 years old Bong Hyung E bu.

Cho Dan bo’s will learn Bong Hyung Sam bu

1st Dans will learn Kung Kang.

2nd Dans will learn In-ne

3rd Dans will learn Archers Bong Form