About Karate

Training in Karate is well known throughout the world for its ability to improve:

  • Self-confidence

  • Fitness

  • Positive attitude

  • Self-discipline


People who are new to Karate (or students returning to Karate after a break of several years) are sometimes nervous about what is involved in training, whether they are fit enough and how they will fit in to our clubs. Fortunately, Martial Arts For Life run open, friendly and welcoming classes for adults and children alike.

Our classes are suitable for people of any fitness level, including those who are looking to get fit for the very first time! Our students frequently tell us what a great all-over body workout they get from our classes. Beginners are always commenting on how welcoming they find our classes. The nerves vanish within minutes of walking through the door!

Train as a Family

At Martial Arts for Life we have developed the perfect class environment for children to learn karate with their siblings and parents.  If you're looking for more 'family time' this is the ideal activity for you - exercise together in classes and practice together at home!

Our classes are predominantly designed to accommodate all ages and abilities in the same session.  This makes us very different from most other clubs who split their classes.  At Martial Arts for Life younger children benefit from the example of their elders, and junior grades are able to learn from, and aspire to the skills of the senior grades.

If you have any further queries why not have a look at our FAQ Page.

Kong Sudo for Kids

Martial arts training is great for kids.  The high energy classes are great fun, and our non-contact, non-competitive style means that it's a really safe form of exercise with the added benefits of increased self-confidence and self-discipline.

Our structured syllabus gives children regular, achievable goals and builds a pattern of success as they work through the 10 coloured belts to Dan Grade (black belt).

Karate is also a great aid in the fight against bullying.  Increased self-confidence means that kids don't become the target of bullies in the first place.  At the same time our classes teach children the values of respect for others, and self-discipline which are important tools in eradicating bullying.

We take children from age 5 and above, and help to improve their concentration levels and co-ordination.  Girls and boys alike enjoy our fun, friendly classes.

Adult Self-defence

Whilst many of our classes cater for all ages, that doesn't mean that the classes are 'kiddy' in nature!  The group is split where appropriate to ensure that adults are given the relevant tuition on our senior syllabus.  Our traditional martial art has not been watered down and adults can learn effective self-defence capabilities in additon to the fitness and life-skills we teach.

We do also run some adult only classes, which tend to be quite technical in nature.  These classes are often of interest for people who have done some martial arts training before.