Tuesday 23rd July - Harewood - Master Walker (Dai) returns for a second week

Did you know Master Walker ran a mini kicking seminar at the pre-grading class in March? Having trained in another Martial Art - Taekwondo - he has a breadth of experience in Korean martial arts.

Did you know that Taekwondo split from Tang Soo Do and up until the 1960s there was hardly any difference between the two.

Tae Kwon Do came about when the Koreans decided that what they were practising was too "Japanese" and even the names for their arts, Tang Soo Do and Kong Soo Do ("empty hand way") were just Korean transliterations of "Karate-Do." Therefore, they founded a 'new' art, Tae Soo Do (later renamed Taekwon-Do) and created new forms, the Chang-Hon forms. Then Gen. Choi, Hon-Hi fell out of political favour, fled the country and took the ITF with him. Back in Korea they founded the Kukkiwon in 1972 and the WTF in 1973 to serve as the technical headquarters and centre for the sport of Taekwondo, respectively. They created the Palgwe (which were judged to be too "Japanese" also) and then Taeguk forms. The rules for the sport were changed to favour foot techniques to differentiate it from Karate and also to try to bring back some of the concepts from Taekkyon, an older Korean Martial art from which Tae Kwon Do took its name.

Geoff Crocker
Saturday 20th July - Karate Training is at 9 am Calcutt Village Hall HG5 8JG

The majority of the club have trained with the Chief Instructor Master McKenna. Saturday mornings cannot be complete without a good warm up and a Master McKenna class.

Train with the Senior instructor and you might feel less pressure at Gradings.

Dan Grades this should be a regular aspect of your training.

The Korean word for Master Instructor is Sah Bum Nim

Geoff Crocker
Friday 19 July - Boroughbridge 17:30 - 18:30

Have you been to a class at Boroughbridge Methodist Church YO51 9AH ?

This is a good alternative for our Greenhammerton and Grange Park Karateka whilst those classes are suspended during the holidays. It’s an easy run up the A1, A168 or B6265 to Boroughbridge and you will have the chance to train with Master Moodie and Mr Inglis.

Pil Seung which is the Korean Image attached loosely translates to 'certain victory' as a single phrase. It is derived from an ancient Korean saying:
"Jung Shin, Il Do, Ha Sang, Pil Seung"
This loosely means "With a concentrated mind (one mind), you will have certain victory" or "Nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it"

Getting to class this summer isn’t impossible, if you set your mind to it.

Geoff Crocker
Thursday 18th July - It's Karate time - 5.30 at Roundhay!

Missed out yesterday? Feeling the need to jump about, stretch out and kick the stuffing out of some pads?

5.30pm at St Andrew’s Church Roundhay LS8 1DS. If you are a GSAL or Rose Court Student this is a great location for our Leeds based Karateka during the holidays.

Only 1 hour until September so we hope to fill the room.

I will see you there - Master Crocker

Geoff Crocker
Get your Kicks with Master Walker at Harewood today 7.15 pm

Master Walker will be running the Harewood Class this evening at Harewood Village Hall
LS17 9LJ. Make sure you wear your T-shirt it’ll be a warm one.

This class is always attended by a group of senior grades and is an excellent place for all levels to make progress. Ideal if you are a Leeds based Student to attend and keep your skills up this summer.

Geoff Crocker
Monday 15th July

You can train this evening at Grange Park 6.15 pm - 7.15 pm with Master Crocker

and Mr Owen. This is a great class for new starters and younger students. This is the last Grange Park class until September.

Janet McKenna
Saturday 13th July

Don’t forget there is just one class on Saturdays through the Summer. Master McKenna looks forward to seeing everyone at Calcutt Village Hall 9-10am. Kong Su!

Janet McKenna
Train Today - Thursday 4th July 2019

Good afternoon karateka. At St Andrews Church today Master Crocker will be delivering both 5-6 and 6-7 class. Are you ready for Grading? This is an ideal class to get those moves perfected. We hope to see you there. Kong Su!

Geoff Crocker
Sunday 5th & Monday 6th May

It’s bank holiday weekend but there are still opportunities to train!

Sunday night at HSFC is running as normal.

Monday nights classes at Green Hammerton & Grange Park have been suspended.

Janet McKenna
Friday 26th April

Classes are now back to normal after the Easter Break, Master Moodie’s Boroughbridge class will be great fun this evening 17:30 - 18:30.

Cristian Ingham
Thursday 25th April

You can train this evening at Roundhay as normal with Master Crocker, both classes running.

Pannal kids class suspended for the Easter break.

Janet McKenna
Wednesday 24th April

Sorry no classes running today - why not access your grading requirements on Vimeo and train with Master McKenna in the comfort of your own home?

HSFC class suspended for the Easter break.

Janet McKenna
Tuesday 23rd April

If you’ve missed your training over the Easter weekend why not train this evening at Harewood 7.15pm with Master Moodie.

Calcutt & Tadcaster kids classes are suspended for the Easter break.

Janet McKenna