Saturday 7th September - It's a Brucy bonus! Calcutt and Collingham Classes are back on!

Train at Calcutt village Hall at 9 am with the Chief Instructor

Train at Collingham Memorial Hall at 10.30 am with Master Crocker. We are back in the newly refurbished hall. Want to know what it looks like? Come along it’s the only way to find out. This coming week we are in the Green Room (formerly New Supper Room) and the Old Supper Room. We will be back in the main hall next week for the Dan assessments and normal class.

Did you know that Bruce Lee developed a martial arts called Jeet Kune Do (translated: Way of the Intercepting Fist). He would train in Jeans and a T-shirt as he correctly pointed out no one attacks you and waits for you to change into your Dobok. Jeet Kune Do heavily relies on fitness. Bruce Lee was from Hong Kong and there is a statue of him along the Harbour walk.

Geoff Crocker