Thursday 1st August - 5.30pm - 6.30pm St Andrews Church, Roundhay

Get your kicks and bring your sticks with Master Walker at Roundhay this evening.

If you are a GSAL or Rose Court Student you will need to attend some classes this summer to keep your memory refreshed.

Did you know the Korean word for Training Hall is Dojang the Japanese word is Dojo.

Anytime you enter or leave the dojang, you must bow as a mark of respect and humility. ... Bowing is a sign of your respect for the place in which you train, the guiding principles for the practice of karate as laid down by Ginchin Funakoshi and the people with whom you train.

Bow upon entering and leaving the Dojang. This should be accompanied by an effort to change to a more serious and focused attitude. (The dojang is any place we practice, even if it were an open field.)

Treat the Dojang with respect. Help other students clean the floor if needed. Do not bring food, drinks, or items that might spill, into the dojang. If you notice a mess, clean it up even if you did not make it.

Geoff Crocker