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Dan and Cho Dan Bo assessment Saturday 14th September @ Collingham

  • collingham memorial hall collingham, leeds (map)

Class for Cho Dan Bo and all Dan Grades

10:30 - 11:30 Saturday 14 September 2019
Collingham Memorial Hall LS22 5AS (map)

Hi Karateka,

Whether you are a Master Grade or a Cho Dan Bo this is your 4 monthly assessment or pre Grading assessment. Applications for Dan Gradings are now open.

Collingham Class with run as normal but as it is mostly populated by Cho Dan Bo’s and Dan Grades we have decided to run your assessment.

점검 표 Checklist

하나 (hana)- Collingham has had a face lift so we are looking forward to training here.

둘 (dul) - Pack a drink, it's going to be warm.

셋 (set) - Wear your Karate Trousers, don't forget your belt.

넷 (net) - Wear a T-Shirt, not a jacket. Yes we (you) will be sweating.

다섯 (daseot) - No parents watching mixed classes. Participate if you want to stay in the room!

여섯 (yeoseot) - Nothing happening at Harewood! Well other than some monks with trumpets

일곱 (ilgop) - PARKING - Due to building work at the Memorial Hall Parking is still likely to be a challenge.

There is some parking behind the hall in Church Lane (map) (walk through past the tennis court) or park opposite the hall by the shops.

여덟 (yeodeol) - Bring your sticks

아홉 (ahop) - Is attendance mandatory? Of course not, Karate is a voluntary. Just be there or have a good excuse for Master Crocker and Moodie!

열 (yeol) - If you have any questions call the office number 01423 568067 please do not call Diane and give excuses these can be explained whilst you are doing burpees to Masters Crocker and Moodie.