Master Alison Newband (4th Dan)

Hi, my name is Alison Newband and I hold a Fourth Dan qualification in Kong Sudo.  I started training with Master McKenna at Johnsons Karate in 2004 with my two boys and have never looked back.  I realised very quickly that if I needed to exercise, I needed to do Karate.  At the time Johnsons Karate style was Korean Tang Soo Do meaning Way of the Chinese Hand.  Master Johnson recently renamed his style Kong Sudo, meaning way of the empty hand. 

I enjoy my karate very much and the people I meet in class, so much so, that when my boys decided to give it up upon becoming First Dan, I continued on my own.  It was a struggle to start with, but routine soon kicked in and I went on to my Second Dan in December 2008.  Since then, I have suffered an injury which needed surgery in 2010/2011 and have recently resumed my training.  As I enjoy it so much, I am now employed by Martial Arts For Life as a full time instructor.

I love being able to show the younger students how to do the Hyung (Forms) and helping them visualise what the movements and techniques are doing.  I hope that they get benefit from it.  Another great thing I have found is, some of the younger students actually thank you personally for helping them!

One of the nicest things I heard recently was, from a new starter who is a mum of one of the students, “I probably would not have tried karate at all, had it not been for the Instructor and Assistant being women!”  So ladies, if you are up for it, come and join us to be fitter and healthier, I have found that above all to smile and kihap loudest in class is the best thing to do!

You can email me at or follow me on Twitter at @Karate_Lady. 

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