29/7/2018 - August - a great time to progress

Coming to classes in August is a great way to boost your progression in Kong Sudo. Regular practice is the key to success in karate. Those fast reflexes and muscle tone start to deteriorate if you lay off training for just 2 weeks.  

We have more time for bong training and knife defence which are a fun addition to your skills. With many students away on holiday we have more space and inevitably everyone gets more 1:1 instructor time which is always a bonus.

The instructor team are keen to help those dedicated Karateka who want to prepare for the September Grading.  Cho Dan Bo & Dan gradings preparing for the October grading also have a fantastic opportunity to get extra help this month. Don’t sit at home wishing you were a fitter, stronger more accomplished Martial Artist - act now & book your classes for August.

Kong Su!