16/1/2018 - Thank You Master Newband

As you may be aware Master Newband will be retiring from teaching end of the month. If you attend a class that is currently run by her you should have been made aware of who will be running the class once she steps down. You can always find an up to date class list at http://www.martialartsforlife.co.uk/Karate-Classes.html

Master Newband has a message to you all:  Even though I am retiring from karate I hope you will all keep training to achieve the highest grade you can.  I still hope to attend as many gradings as I can so fully expect to see you all there!  I expect you to be enthusiastic in your classes and to show great respect to your new instructors - they are there to help you achieve your goals.  I will miss everyone who trains with me, some of you have been training with me for a very long time.  I hope that you all continue to grow as martial artists as well as fantastic well-rounded adults.  I am a little sad to be leaving, but also happy to be able to take life a bit slower.  I have a secret to share... if you love Martial Arts like me you'll never quit, maybe just rest up for a bit before returning renewed!

Good Luck to you all, Pil Seung
Master Alison Newband