26/1/2015 - Q&A with NICK MYERSON 2nd Dan


Nick has been training with MAFL for about 7 years; here are his insights into training and our club:

What made you want to start training in Martial Arts? 
I watched my children train and although I saw other adults training and thought it looked good, I didn't think I could do it. Over time club members, instructors and my children persuaded me to try and I found that I could do it.

Had you done any Martial arts before? 
None at all really. The closest I had come was watching a Bruce Lee film.

Why do you still train now? 
In part because I need the exercise, and it is great for that, but much more because it is interesting and testing. There is always something to learn or to improve which maintains my interest but also means that every calss I attend leads to some improvement in my fitness and my skills.

What is it about MAFL that you like? 
The best thing about the club is the people in it and the atmosphere that prevails in class. I am not looking for an aggressive or overly competitive environment and the ethos of the club is inclusive and supportive but at the same time the art is taken seriously. In all the time I have trained I have never done a class that I haven't enjoyed.

What would you say to a beginner thinking of coming to a class? "you should have seen me when I started" or one of my favourite quotes "even the longest journey starts with a single step"

What would you say to a new Dan Grade to help them keep up their training?
Why throw away all that effort when it is about to pay off?