22/1/2015 - Find out more about 2nd Dan NIGEL BOTTOMLEY


Nigel has been training with MAFL for 5 years and had never done any martial arts before. Here's what he has to say:

What made you want to start training in Martial Arts?
My children wanted to take it up, but were slightly apprehensive and wanted me to come along for some moral support

Why do you still train now?
I enjoying trying to keep fit as I get older, like learning new forms and moves, plus improving my technical ability

What is it about MAFL that you like?
I can actively participate in an activity with my children, rather than just being a spectator on the sidelines, so we all learn together and have something we can share. 

What would you say to a beginner thinking of coming to a class?
Give it a go, it’s a lot less intimidating than you think and a great way to stay in shape, also if you have children then consider doing it as a family. 

What would you say to a new Dan Grade to help them keep up their training?
Break down the new routines and moves into small segments and set yourself target dates, just like when you went through the regular Gup gradings.