Master Janet McKenna (5th Dan)

"I started my Martial Arts journey in 1999 when I graduated from university.  I was living in Leamington Spa and was lucky enough to stumble upon Master Johnson's Karate at my local leisure centre.  After the first class I was hooked; I threw myself into my training and achieved 1st Dan just under 3 years later.  In 2006 I earned my Master Grade, and 13 years on I still love my training sessions with Master Johnson - I learn something new at every seminar!

Martial Arts training is a fantastic endevour which helps me to stay fit and healthy whilst continually improving myself both physically and mentally.

I hope all of my students get as much from their training as I do and that they are always inspired to achieve their personal goals."

You can email me at or follow me on Twitter at @MasterMcKenna.

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