Kong Sudo for Kids

Martial arts training is great for kids.  The high energy classes are great fun, and our non-contact, non-competitive style means that it's a really safe form of exercise with the added benefits of increased self-confidence and self-discipline.

Our structured syllabus gives children regular, achievable goals and builds a pattern of success as they work through the 10 coloured belts to Dan Grade (black belt).

Karate is also a great aid in the fight against bullying.  Increased self-confidence means that kids don't become the target of bullies in the first place.  At the same time our classes teach children the values of respect for others, and self-discipline which are important tools in eradicating bullying.

We take children from age 5 and above, and help to improve their concentration levels and co-ordination.  Girls and boys alike enjoy our fun, friendly classes.

If you have any further queries why not have a look at our FAQs page, or email us at enquiries@martialartsforlife.co.uk

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