Mrs Jo Fenwick (3rd Dan)

I’m Jo Fenwick and I’ve been training with Master McKenna and Miss Cath Delaney for the past seven years.  I’ve always enjoyed sports and I also play cricket for my village ladies team and ride a tandem with my husband, John (in the summer!) but Karate is my favourite form of exercise.  It’s not only enjoyable to learn but it helps to sustain my fitness.

Martial Arts for Life’s Kong Sudo is a really friendly sport where people of all ages mix and train together.  I’ve made friends with people from five to seventy-five years old!  When I first started to train I watched with awe at all the techniques and forms the higher grades could do and thought that if I could manage a few of those I would be very pleased with myself.  Seven years down the line I am now a 3rd Dan and have achieved far more than I ever expected.  Kong Sudo can be done at your own pace, it’s not competitive and you work to your own abilities.  It’s the effort that you put in that is important.

After reaching my 1st Dan and doing the appropriate courses I started to help out at the club teaching various classes and continue to do so.  I’m like a ‘supply teacher’ for Martial Arts for Life, which is great for me because it means I continue to meet new people and have been to lots of different venues for Kong Sudo.  I especially enjoy teaching the children’s classes as children have a reservoir of inexhaustible energy and their enthusiasm is infectious.  

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