Grading Times July 2017

Collingham Grading - Saturday 1sT July

The arrival times for the grading on Saturday 1st July 2017 at Collingham Memorial Hall, LS22 5AT are:

White & Yellow Belts                                                                       
Arrive 10.25      Start 10:40am
            (grading to Yellow & Orange)   

Orange & Purple Belts                                                                          Arrive 10.45      Start 11:00am
            (grading to Purple & Purple Stripe)  

Purple Stripe & Green Belts                                        Arrive 11.15      Start 11:30am
            (Grading to Green & Green Stripe)

Green Stripe Belts & above                                         Arrive 11.45      Start 12:00 midday

Harrogate Grading - Sunday 2nd july

The arrival times for the grading on Sunday 2nd July 2017 at the Harrogate Squash & Fitness Centre, HG2 8PN are:

White & Yellow Belts        Arrive 09:15    Start 9:30am
            (grading to Yellow & Orange)   

Orange Belts                Arrive 09:35    Start 9:50am
           (grading to Purple)  

Purple Belts             Arrive 09:55    Start 10:10am
            (grading to Purple Stripe) 

Purple Stripe Belts
Arrive 10:15     Start 10:30am    
       (grading to Green) 

Green Belts                                                Arrive 10:45     Start 11:00am     
       (grading to Green Stripe) 

Green Stripe Belts                       
               Arrive 11:15     Start 11:30am    
       (grading to Brown) 

Brown Belts & Above                                 Arrive 11:45     Start 12:00 midday  
       (grading to Brown Stripe, Red, Red Stripe & Cho Dan Bo