About Martial Arts For Life

Martial Arts For Life is an independent organisation dedicated to teaching safe, traditional, practical and fun Karate and martial arts in the Yorkshire region. We are led by Master Janet McKenna (5th Dan) and her team of qualified, professional instructors. Martial Arts For Life has been providing training in Karate, Tai Chi and other martial arts for ten years in the region. We have over 600 students and we are opening new clubs all the time!

We also have A Brief History Of Karate for those of you interested in having an overview of the background and context of our martial art.

Our training syllabus is clearly defined and can be found in our student handbooks:
Student Handbook for Beginners - Dan Grade Candidates
Student Handbook for Dan Grades

Professional Teaching Team

Martial Arts For Life is very proud of our professional coaching team:

  • Master Janet McKenna (5th Dan)
  • Master Simon Turver (4th Dan)
  • Master Andy Moodie (4th Dan)
  • Mr Geoff Crocker (3rd Dan)
  • Mr Jamie MacArthur (3rd Dan)
  • Mr Colin Inglis (3rd Dan)
  • Mr Cristian Ingham (1st Dan)
  • Mr Stephen Cleaver (1st Dan)
  • Mr Adam Cherry (1st Dan)